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Read Here The chairs of Chatsworth Now

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This is about : Read Here The chairs of Chatsworth Now
And this article : Read Here The chairs of Chatsworth Now
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Read Here The chairs of Chatsworth Now

My penpal Neil just returned from a long tour throughout the British Isles where he toured over 40 country houses; just imagine!! He's been filling my inbox with some amazing photographs and I thought I would share with you some of the chairs from Chatsworth.
Arguably one of the most well known houses anywhere, the house is a treasure trove of historic artifacts, amazing significant art, and just plain pretty things. Pictured here is one of a pair of coronation chairs from the reign of George III.
Here is a painting I found online that sold at auction a number of years ago depicting George III in this very chair (I think).
Some other important artifacts are these chairs from Devonshire House made in 1740 by none other than William Kent. Devonshire House was sadly pulled down in 1924.
These are not exactly chairs to pull up to the table for a casual supper!  They are displayed in a room just off the great sculpture hall much like works of art; which they are.
 The grand upholstery on this Regency chair is very suited to the gilt wood.
 I prefer these beautiful needlepoint sidechairs myself.
 This leather armchair looks suited for a very grand library.
Not all of the chairs are so imposing.  This petite French  fruitwood armchair with what appears to be a Braquenie floral fabric would fit into the most modest house.  If you have time be sure to visit the excellent and interesting website of Chatsworth House!

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