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Read Here Details matter Now

Sometimes #reallife gets in the way of blogging so I've been noticeably absent even though I have many posts lined up! In lieu of a 'real' post I thought I'd share some great detail shots from my Penpal's latest trip to Great Britain.
 Details matter!  These animals on the end of each pew make church fun!
This pug makes me laugh!
The carving on these column capitals is stunningly lifelike. 
 Ancient hand-painted encaustic tiles.
 Beautiful colorful fabrics.
 And of course in Great Britain everything is heavily gilded.
If you got it flaunt it -isn't that the saying? People love to splash around coats of arms.
 The polychrome sign above is pretty amazing, no?
 A gutter collector box is always a beautiful feature -but in Great Britain they also come GILDED.
Thats not the only gilded part of these ancient buildings.....strapwork hinges! I've never seen anything like this.
 And save a bit of romance for last; together in life, together in death.

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