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Read Tranquil Escape Now

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Read Tranquil Escape Now

We recently completed a project on the outskirts of the city limits. The property is surrounded by stunning forests of birch trees and a fabulous view of the mountains. For this post I wanted to focus on the master bedroom. We decided to create a retreat of sorts with a soothing colour palette and a space that the clients would love to retire to at the end of a long day. Here is what we did:

1. Working with the clients existing bed, we added mirrored side tables for a hit of glamour (every space needs a little bling!).
2. The wallpaper is definitely the feature in the room, a neutral tone on tone floral that really makes the large room feel more inviting.
3. I am a big fan of white sheets on any bed, but we added colour through the gorgeous blue tones in the euro shams, coverlet and throw pillows.
4. Accessories on the night stands were kept to a minimum, chrome lamps with linen shades and gorgeous hydrangeas for simple and elegant look. If you are ever at a loss for what flowers to get, hydrangeas are it. They work in both modern and traditional spaces.
5. We played with a lot of different textures and patterns in the room to make it feel inviting but all in the same tones. The antique chair was reupholstered in a gorgeous velvet and we used this fabric as our jumping off point for the accent colour in the room.

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