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This Information simple house models , Read More

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This is about : This Information simple house models , Read More
And this article : This Information simple house models , Read More

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This Information simple house models , Read More

There are a variety of reasons you may wish to build a simple chicken coop. One I can think of straight away is to keep things simple and not have to go through the procedures of getting planning permissions from the local building departments.

Some chicken house models could increase the tax band on your land. Did you know... your township tax assessment can list a chicken house as a taxable outbuilding. That's for the larger properties of course. You may just have a smaller backyard that you want to just build a simple chicken coop to let your chickens have their own little safe-haven, while it will also make it more time effective and easier for you to maintain.

When you build a simple chicken coop, you have full control over how you structure it. The easiest to construct is the standard A-frame type. It's just a triangular shaped pen that can house around normally 8 of your chickens. You'll want to have about 3 nests for this amount. You should allow around 9 inches of perching area for each of your chickens. There are plans that are pre-designed that provide you the blueprints of how to build a simple chicken coop with all the requirements included.

It makes a lot more sense to construct your own self-reliant chicken coop as some of the pre-built models will set you back a fair price. The more self efficient you want it, the more expensive it becomes.

The costs can actually be reduced significantly, as a lot of the materials that you'll need to start with may already be lying around waiting to be taken to the rubbish dump. So you can make things more cost effective for yourself and help the environment at the same time.

It's not difficult to put together a standard A-frame chicken coop, with the necessary perches, that includes a run for your chickens to get around and maintain their health. You will need to include the ventilation in your design, to allow for air to circulate. Helps to keep things fresh. Natural light as well should be taken into consideration when planning where to build a simple chicken coop so you can get the best possible location on your property to build your project.

It can be an advantage to you if you have some sloping land. This will give an extra safe-guard with weather protection as it allows for the water to run freely away from it. You will still need to have protection in place to help with weather protection.

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