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This Information home form , Read More

Most people outside of the industry do not take the time to think about how far construction technology has come in the past 100 years, especially residential construction. For the most part homeowners understand the basics of 2 x 4s versus metal studs and custom versus semi-custom versus tract home construction. When planning and buying a new home they can wrap their heads around how the various building materials and techniques impact the final price of their dream home. But few really understand that advancements in technology have brought vast improvements in the buildings being built today.

As with most everything from automobiles to computers, technology can make things better, faster, and more efficient. We hear about increasing the efficiency of cars with alternative fuels and smaller computer chips doing ten times the work of their counterparts from 10 years ago. The same is true in construction. Recent developments such as the ICF system (Insulated Concrete Forms) have taken traditional "stick" construction to whole new levels of efficiency. It is the "system" that is key to this new technology and its contribution to greener homes. Whereas in the past we had parts and pieces that went together to create buildings with many opportunities for energy inefficiency, ICF wall systems allow for a more integrated final product. The technology of integration allows for less energy loss from the building.

Most homes today are still being built with concrete foundations, wood stud walls and stucco or vinyl siding exteriors. But as has been the case with the evolution of all forms of technology, as the value is proven, demand by the consumer increases. Residential construction using concrete home forms such as ICFs are sure to be no exception to this rule. We will undoubtedly not remember a time when homes wasted vast amounts of energy and were not integrated systems of efficiency. Just as it was only a generation ago when a computer filled an entire room and only the most forward thinking ever imagined most every home having a personal computer, the next generations are sure to find today's technological wonders in the construction industry common place.

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