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This Info Got pillows...?, Read Here

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This is about : This Info Got pillows...?, Read Here
And this article : This Info Got pillows...?, Read Here
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This Info Got pillows...?, Read Here

If the answer is "no" don't be ashamed, but you better do something about it! 
Pillows are a necessary decorative accent. They add some "soft, squishy," add color and/or pattern, and texture. Just look at the above photo- each pillow has a different pattern but they all work together and add such depth to this area of the room.
Accent pillows can "make the room!" Just like a fantastic scarf or dazzling statement piece of jewelry can make the outfit.
If your ensemble is lacking, then let's jazz it up! 
Master bedroom with custom pillows and bedding- 
pillows that are patterned, solid, and varying sizes mix well together.

Before / After  Teenage girl's bedroom with custom bedding and pillows-
Several solids (turquoise textured solid, plum textured solid, fun bright pattern, some funky fringe and two coverlets in different colors)

Before / After Girl's bedroom custom bedding and pillows Age:Single 20's  
Solid orange, a dotted brown and orange, and patterned fabrics with creams, orange and brown. Love the mix of textures and patterns here.
Basement Mancave sectional sofa with new pillows 
Some in solid contrasting colors and a few with pattern for some pop!

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