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Read Here Cool new product -Covered Components Now

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This is about : Read Here Cool new product -Covered Components Now
And this article : Read Here Cool new product -Covered Components Now
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Read Here Cool new product -Covered Components Now

I wanted to share with you a cool new product that  recently came onto the market. No, this is not an advertisement; don't close this screen!!! Rather it's a product I had a brief presentation of in my dayjob / real world and was so impressed I wanted to share.
The product was developed locally and just a month ago went into production (made in nearby Charlottesville, VA). The concept is HIDDEN OUTLETS people.  Don't we all hate staring at them? By code they're required in places you would never use them -well now you can have your cake and eat it too aka not see them.
These images are from their website showing 'before' and 'afters'.  Above you can see 2 typical outlets flanking a fireplace mantel. These would never be used, right?
Here is the 'after' - the outlets are hidden!  Basically the outlet sits in a little box with a paintable plastic cover that can even have your wallpaper applied to it.
Another spot outlets are required and rarely if ever used are in powder rooms. Above you can see the unsightly GFI outlet.
 And here it is with Covered Components - the cover is painted to blend in with the wall.
Here are some pictures I took of a sample board shown in the presentation -on the left is a typical outlet and on the right, the covered Component - practically invisible.  For $13 each this is a real find and I expect to be seeing a lot of these! Now in all fairness, I can't imagine using this in high-use spots.  The large transformers that are on many low-voltage lights and chargers for our laptops won't easily fit within these recessed boxes (although you could use an adapter). I also can't imagine them in a kitchen honestly because you would constantly be opening and closing the cover.   I think these are great for hallways, powder rooms, low-use spots, etc and you can't beat the price!
So what do you think of covered components? They are available for sale on their website HERE.
As stated, I received no compensation for this post, I just wanted to share a cool new product!

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