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Read Etsy Halloween! Now

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This is about : Read Etsy Halloween! Now
And this article : Read Etsy Halloween! Now

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Read Etsy Halloween! Now

This morning on CTV Calgary, Aly was talking all things Halloween! All the items featured were sourced from Etsy and Canadian! We love using local items sourced from independent vendors for our designs, parties and homes. In case you missed the segment we've got a round-up of some of our favourite items below. Take a look and start planning your own Halloween bash! 

Ellebeetree (Calgary, AB)
We love the quirky skull and top had motif on this muslin handmade pillow. It's the perfect way to easily transform your living space for the holiday. 

Paper and Parties Co. (Vancouver, BC)
Adorable chalkboard bunting that can be customized to any length. Add a fun saying of your choice, and reuse it for the next holiday! 

Wintergreen Designs (Vancouver, BC)
This teeny tiny trio of handmade pumpkins are made by paper quilling and are just too cute! We like the idea of creating a "Halloween Tree" and using these one of a kind decorations as ornaments! 

William Rae Designs (Edmonton, AB)
Made from reclaimed wood and acrylic paint, this handmade sign is the perfect addition to your fall holiday decor.  Courtney Hanak and her husband Fraser hand make every piece! 

These coasters are made by Trisha Nakagawa and have perfect colours for fall! To make the coasters she fuses sheets of coloured glass together with a sheet clear glass in her kiln. 

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