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Article Your best kitchen flooring options, Read Now

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This is about : Article Your best kitchen flooring options, Read Now
And this article : Article Your best kitchen flooring options, Read Now
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Article Your best kitchen flooring options, Read Now

Kitchens are high traffic areas subjected to dirt, moisture, and ongoing wear and tear. But your kitchen floor is also a design statement, so you want something that’s both incredibly durable and that will remain attractive for years to come.

If you have been researching flooring options, you are probably overwhelmed by the variety of materials and designs available. When your choices are nearly endless, it can be difficult to make a decision. Check out these choices, recommended by experts as some of the most durable, low maintenance options for a beautiful kitchen floor.

Ceramic tile

This range of tiles come in a variety of different colours including; stardust black tiles and are available in three sizes. There's something for everyone to choose from too and they would look amazing in any kitchen.

Tiles can be unglazed and earthy looking, or glazed any colour of the rainbow. They can also be used to mimic the look of stone at a much lower cost. Tile floors are very easy to clean and maintain, but you may need to periodically reseal the grout.


Cork has long been a popular choice for kitchen flooring. It is eco friendly, made from sustainably harvested tree bark. It feels soft and comfortable underfoot, lending a cosy feel to the room. It is also durable and water resistant.

The only downside to cork is that you will need to reseal your floor every three or four years to protect the material against scratches and moisture. This can be done with polyurethane or natural wax.


Linoleum flooring is often confused with vinyl tile floors, but it is a completely different material. True linoleum is a natural product made from linseed oil and resin. It is an affordable choice for stylish, low maintenance kitchen flooring. It is available in many shapes and colours, so you can easily create custom designs.

The downside is that linoleum can be difficult to install and may require periodic polishing and waxing. It is fairly durable, but the colouring may fade over time.


Wood flooring in kitchens has gained popularity in recent years as finishes have become more durable. Modern prefinished wood floors can stand up to heavy traffic and resist water stains.

Engineered wood is a great choice for kitchen floors and costs less than solid planks. It is created by gluing a wood veneer to plywood backing, and is less susceptible to humidity changes than solid wood strips. Wood is easy to maintain, but liquids that are not wiped up can cause damage. Wood floors will also need periodic refinishing if they start to look to scratched or worn.

Upgrading your kitchen floor can add enjoyment to your daily life and increase your home’s property value. Examine your options and consider the pros and cons of each material, and you’re sure to choose a floor that will look great and wear well in your home for many years to come.

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