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Article Design Modern Minimalist Housing Wanted, Read More

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This is about : Article Design Modern Minimalist Housing Wanted, Read More
And this article : Article Design Modern Minimalist Housing Wanted, Read More
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Article Design Modern Minimalist Housing Wanted, Read More

Trend minimalist house now increasingly popular, especially in urban areas. Minimalist house itself seems to have a pretty competitive competitiveness and deserve to be aligned with the type of house to be reckoned conventional existence. This house type is able to create a design inspired dream home as residential yamg able to give a sense of comfort even though the concept is simple. minimalist dream house design modern house can be said to prioritize efficiency standards so that the room can be used more optimally. In other words, more emphasis is minimalist space utilization is a function rather than decoration. But even then it does not mean the decorations become excluded from the concept of a minimalist home design.

Design Modern Minimalist Housing Wanted

Balance function and Decoration

The beginning of the concept of a minimalist home is increasingly interested in the community stems from his own people's tastes tend to like things practical, simple, effective and efficient. And as has been presented above, this minimalist house concept outline emphasizes simplicity, especially from the architectural design followed by the utilization efficiency of the available land. architectural design appropriate and refers to the broad utilization of existing, by itself able to create a modern minimalist dream house design pretty comfortable the whole family occupied though once again with a simple design.

Generally minimalist own dream home there are many variations of its size and type, ranging from types 36, 45, 54, 60, and so on. But in spite of different sizes, globally minimalist house has a characteristic geometric shape, lines and corners of the house appear more dominant that although simple, yet still elegant look. Minimalist house generally tend to avoid a lot of ornaments and not too much furniture for the interior design, because such basic concepts, this house prioritize functional aspects.

Not only from the room utilization factor, interior room though not absolute, but also need to be considered. Limitations of space in a minimalist home can be tricked by the selection of appropriate furniture. To further confirm the minimalist house dream house at a time, adjusting color and theme of the room furniture needs to be done carefully. For a sofa, table, and chairs living room should not be too large in size and without a lot of motives. Align with the color theme of the living room so that it looks like matching color combinations. For more ideal table using transparent glass table fitted shelves underneath to store books to read.

Design modern minimalist dream house will be much more perfect if piercings in both the living room, bedroom or living room gets the right touch. Choose trinkets such as paintings, photographs, wall art and other kaligarafi that the color is not too crowded. To give a modern impression in the middle of the living room chandelier can be installed as well as a sweetener room. Although minimalist house prioritize functionality, but with the aspect of decorating at least be able to add shades of beauty and comfort for all the occupants of the house.

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