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Article Best Theme Ideas For Bedrooms, Read Now

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This is about : Article Best Theme Ideas For Bedrooms, Read Now
And this article : Article Best Theme Ideas For Bedrooms, Read Now
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Article Best Theme Ideas For Bedrooms, Read Now

When you move into a new house, you undoubtedly go through a period of re-decoration. You strip down the ugly, old, wallpaper. You pull up the tatty carpets. And you start decorating your home how you want it.

The bedroom is the room in the house with the most scope for personalization. Everyone has their bedroom, and they want it to look how they want. While the rest of the house can follow a familiar pattern, bedrooms can be completely random. They’re each person’s personal sanctuary. A place we go to relax and escape from the world at night. Which is why it’s nice to decorate are rooms in certain themes. Here are a few themed ideas for bedrooms in your house:

Themes For Adults

Elegant Whites

Using a combination of white tones to make your bedroom look elegant and peaceful. The light colours are soothing and relaxing, making it a dream to sleep in. White rooms are very popular bedroom themes around summer time.


Roll back the clock with an Edwardian inspired bedroom. Capture the unique style of the time with lots of artwork and wooden chairs. A great theme for a big, bold bedroom.

Bright & Vibrant

Use bright colours like yellow, orange and lime green to create a vibrant atmosphere in your bedroom. The brightness of the colours spread joy throughout the room and create a happy ambience. Even on the dark, rainy days your room will be a beacon of joy and light.


Using whites on the bed and floor, but black walls. A monochrome bedroom combines two opposites, creating a wonderful spectacle. It’s simple, yet classy. The black walls really cut through the whites making it wonderfully balanced.


Go for a variety of pink colours in your bedroom for a typically girly feel. Perhaps not ideal for a master bedroom, but perfect for a single person's room. Shades of pink can light up your room and create a personal atmosphere.

Kids Rooms

There are hundreds of themed kids bedroom ideas out there. A kids room is perhaps the most easily customizable bedroom. There are many ways to make it feel personal.


Have the room themed around outer space. The wallpaper decorated like the nights sky and planets on the ceiling. Kids love the idea of space and this is a great way to bring it into their room. It’s a relaxing theme that makes it feel like they’re sleeping under the stars.


A bedroom theme based on your child’s favourite sport. Have a green carpet that makes the floor look like a grass field. You could even have custom wallpaper to look like a stadium. If your child is passionate about a specific sport, then this could be a great idea for their room.


Make the room into a superhero themed den. Cover the walls with their favourite superhero and have a bed shaped like the Batmobile. By going with a superhero theme, you can turn your child's room into their very own bat cave.

Each bedroom in your house can be unique. It’s a nice way to show off different styles and personalities!

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