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Screen Backdrop for Wedding

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This is about : Screen Backdrop for Wedding
And this article : Screen Backdrop for Wedding
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Screen Backdrop for Wedding

The one thing I love about my job is the variety of briefs that I receive. Last year a client approached me to do the layout for their wedding reception!
The reception was at a vintage style hall and we did the overall planning of the whole space. One of the details I suggested was a feature backdrop - this would create a focal point of the whole space. I suggested that this where the speakers would stand when they do their speeches, where the band would play in front of and generally set the tone of the wedding. The theme of the wedding was vintage with an art deco feel so we found this perfect wallpaper for the screen. It is called Imperial Pheasant and it was designed by Catherine Martin for Mokum. The black background with metallic gold pheasants looked striking and made great impact up close and from afar. My client sent me the above photo of the one of the screens - they had two side by side to make one larger one. I think it looks great!

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