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Read Chic Holiday Decor Now

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Read Chic Holiday Decor Now

It's that time of the year again! We love decorating our own homes for the holidays so we were so excited when ShawTV wanted to feature holiday spaces styled by our team!

The first step was choosing a palette. It's easy to stick to classic green and red, but we wanted to do something fresh and exciting. You can still achieve that same cozy, holiday feeling in your home without using the typical holiday colours and designs. We turned to one of our favourite stores, Bouclair Home, to create this feeling. They offer stylish items at a great price - which is perfect for holiday styling as you don't want to break the bank on items you might change out next year.  As soon as we saw the blush pink decor items they had in stores, we knew this would be the start of something great! We built off this soft, chic colour and styled two spaces - living room and dining room. We paired the blush pink with silver and gold - yes, it is ok to mix metals! We used white feathered decor pieces and glittery accessories to add a little kick and lots of candles to create the perfect atmosphere. Our favourite item - the white feather christmas tree! We couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

If you missed our feature on Shaw TV we have it posted here and here. Below are some gorgeous shots of the spaces shot by photographer extraordinaire, Brian Buchsdruecke!

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