Article Boys Bedroom Design Boys Minimalist, Read More

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This is about : Article Boys Bedroom Design Boys Minimalist, Read More
And this article : Article Boys Bedroom Design Boys Minimalist, Read More
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Article Boys Bedroom Design Boys Minimalist, Read More

Making bedroom design minimalist bit much to be adapted to the character of its inhabitants. So also when determining bedroom design boys, of course should reflect the character of boys who daily like things energetic. The majority of boys have hyperactivity, smelling like things extreme, and tend to like bright colors. In this case the idea of bedroom design minimalist boys we can get out of their daily life, especially the habit of many children and her favorite color. To be sure the bedroom design concept for the majority of boys more 'challenging', in contrast to girls bedroom design that tends to calm and feminine.

Boys Bedroom Design Boys Minimalist

Layout for Limited Space

Many things need to be circumvented when creating a bedroom layouts boys particular on the size of the room is quite narrow. In other words, the entire room design both in terms of choice of colors, furniture choice once the arrangement should really be done properly, so that every space space can be best utilized. Designs children's bedroom minimalist men also can not be equated with the room design adults, because here it takes a special zone for playing children.

Design bedroom apt indirectly affect child development, both physically or psychologically. For that many important points to consider when creating a design concept bedroom. So what should be considered when creating a bedroom design minimalist boys?

  • Furniture

Problem furniture certainly tastes a tad contrary to the girls. If girls like furniture or accessories such as dolls, knick-knacks, or other toys with soft colors, otherwise the boys just love accessories such as balls, cap pistol, or other accessories that smells extreme. So right furniture for boys is what is their favorite. If the child likes to play ball, then the ball theme can be applied on the bedcover, blanket, or wallpaper on the walls. Do not forget to give a touch of color of the walls with bright colors that seem masculine.

  • Position Beds

Physical and psychological health of children affected by the quality of sleep. So the position of children's beds must be considered, in this context not only for boys but also for girls. The position most ideal bed for a child should not be perpendicular to the light beam, but also to be away from the furniture around it.

  • Playing Zone

Bedroom design minimalist tad less perfect if not given a specific area to play. But if limited spacious bedrooms may be a little difficult to make a play zone for children. This can be circumvented by dividing the room into two parts. The first part to the bedroom, while the second part used for the playground. We could use a bookshelf that is not so high for both limiting the space.

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